MCg KTg | Linda Ferreira

Linda Ferreira's strong technical cutting skills and high degree of finish in her styling make her a complete stylist in every respect. With Linda, you know your haircut will grow out well every time.

Hair by Linda Ferreira

Master Stylist and Colour Designer

My Hair Moment Is also a lesson of life

"I love my job and I love all the changes over the decades. There is no favourite moment. I still get a charge 30 years later. It's inspiring to have come in to my own artistry. I love colour and cutting, and love the differences. My attitude comes from the time I was a student at Vidal Sassoon (Los Angeles), where I was told that 'whatever you do, there will be a cut that is irrelevant to you. But you have to make it relevant to give the client an unforgettable experience. Whatever it is, be present for every haircut'. I took the advice to heart and now every cut, every colour is fun."