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#InCaseYouMissedIt: This Is How We Wear Our Red


Curated by Staff Writer: Stephanie M Scott

Ready for another #InCaseYouMissedIt? From time to time we like to showcase a selection from our Salon’s Instagram Accounts. If you would like to challenge us with a theme, reach out on social media or from our Contact us page. We love a challenge!

So let’s talk a little about colour. Our favourite colours find their way in our shirts our lipstick shades and of course our choice in hair colour. This week RED is on our mind. How do you choose to highlight your perfect red?

Everyday never looked better.
from @Sukis_Richmond

Subtle shades make striking statements
from @SukisSG

Contrast your red with a bright balayage
from @SukisMorganCrossing

Dare to be bold. Make a statement!
from @Sukis_Kitsilano

Sometimes the perfect red lipstick can set an entire look in the right direction.
from @SukisDowntown

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